Libor Fára: Rytmus

Vojtěch Lahoda

  • 2015
  • czech, english
  • h. 28 ✕ w. 21 cm
  • Page count: 72
  • Graphics: Atelijeur Puuda
349 CZK

Shipping: Česká pošta, Česká pošta - doporučené psaní, do 2 kg, platba předem, PPL - balík, platba předem, PPL - platba na dobírku

Payment: cash on delivery, invoice

Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition Libor Fára: Rythm held at Museum Kampa in 2015.

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Libor Fára’s birth, this exhibition in Museum Kampa commemorates the work of a significant artist who embraced many media and genres: painting, drawing, collage, scenography, typography and book design. This exhibition thematizes the basic principles of Fára’s work which is rythm, montage and pay but also emhasize the heterogeneousness of used materials and attempts to view it as an integral part.

Vojtěch Lahoda, curator

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