Painting by Josef Multrus loaned to the National Gallery in Prague

  • 7. 5. 2024

The painting by Josef Multrus Skating in Vinohrady is now part of the exhibition Na led! (Get on the Ice!) in the National Gallery in Prague. The exhibition will last until October 27, 2024, and you can visit it in the Kinské Palace on Old Town Square. We cordially invite you!

"On the occasion of the 2024 Ice Hockey World Championship, the National Gallery presents an exhibition that opens up the theme of skating and hockey in visual art. Skating on frozen canals, lakes, and rivers was popular in 17th- and 18th-century Holland, and it soon spread to the Czech lands and Prague and became a common winter pastime across social classe.

By the beginning of the 20th century, people had started to play ice hockey, the first ice rinks were being built, and the sport was becoming a part of the national identity. Meanwhile, it found its way into art and, for some creators, provided a free domain for artistic experimentation. The exhibition features a number of interesting works from private and institutional collections, as well as works by contemporary artists, some of which were created specifically for the occasion. It looks at a topic that has not yet been presented or examined in such a comprehensive way and invites the general public to explore how this sport, so fundamental for the Czechs, is reflected in art.."

(from a press release issued by the National Gallery in Prague)

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